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"It was on a Shabbos during the winter of 1995, 
when I drove from Canarsie, Brooklyn, 
to a church in East Rockaway 
masquerading as a synagogue. 
It was my first time experiencing 
the movement known as 
“Messianic Judaism” or “Hebrew Christianity,” 
and it took  SIX years for me to 
realize I was trapped in a web of lies."

This web page, as well as all I do to help Jews return to the faith of Hashem & Torah Judaism, is dedicated to my dear mother, Beverly Neckonoff, of blessed memory, who passed away on 2/18/09, only three weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer . If you still have your mom and dad, go give them a call right now and tell them how much they mean to you.
L'ilui Nishmas of Blima bas Avraham Pesach!

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Five Towns Jewish Times
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If you are Jewish and:

1 - have recently met a real nice person (who's really a missionary) or have a "friend", coworker or acquaintance telling you

     A - "how Jewish Jesus was", or

     B - "how you can be Jewish and believe in Jesus at the same time", or 

2 - are currently flirting with Christianity, Messianic Judaism, or are even attending a messianic congregation/synagogue or church

...then I implore you to read my entire story and then, click on the link buttons. There you will find a treasure chest of teachings & Torah, with complete Biblical answers explaining how Jesus cannot be the messiah, nor God in the flesh.

If you are not Jewish, please do the same, but make sure you click on "B'nai Noach".

This site is based on the concept of "Shuvah Yisrael". In the Bible, the most popular words of the prophet Hoshea are his message to Klal Yisrael, "Shuvah Yisrael ad Hashem Elokecha ki chashalta ba'avonecha" - "Return, O Israel, to  G-d your G-d for you have stumbled through your iniquity" (Hoshea 14:2). This message has been most appropriately selected as the Haftarah reading for Shabbat during the Aseret Yimei Teshuvah - Ten Days of Repentance - for its compatibility with the theme of teshuvah, which is the call of those days. This web page extends that call to every day of the year.

I am calling out to those lost Jewish souls still trapped in the Messianic, Hebrew-Christian, & Evangelical worlds. If you are involved in another belief system, please email me and I will direct you to the right places to get help, anonymously, if you so desire. 

First, let me start off by saying that while in the Messianic/Hebrew Christian movement, I seemed happy, fulfilled and "saved", but in reality I was trapped in a false belief system and didn't even know it. I believed, as you probably do, that our Rabbis had gotten it all wrong for the past 2000 years, that all our Jewish brothers & sisters just needed to see the truth as I saw & understood it. I felt that the counter-missionaries and all those who fought against the messianic movement were being controlled by "Satan" and were doing his work to keep G-d's Chosen People from accepting the truth that "Jesus is Lord".

I LOVED the persecution that non-Believers directed at me,as it "proved" that the so-called "New Testament" was correct, that I was to be persecuted for spreading the "truth" that Jesus was exactly who the Christian Church said he was for 2000 years. The hostility I faced fired me up to keep on witnessing and trying to get my fellow Jews to believe as I did.

It took six, long years to finally realize I was being duped. But now that I have broken free, now that the scales have truly fallen from my eyes, it is my mission to reach out to you, my Jewish brother or sister, and show you that Yeshua/Jesus is NOT G-d. He is not the messiah. He is not for us whatsoever. You may feel quite a bit of anger at what I write, but please read on...

As a Torah-ignorant, public-school educated Jew, everything the missionaries said resonated & made so much sense, especially when I was first introduced to them. At first, they just try to create the bond of sharing similar upbringings (which relates to probably 75% of American Jews). They might make comments such as how much they disliked Hebrew School and how, as children, they always believed that "Mr. & Mrs. Christ were the parents of Jesus". This is just one example of how they prey on our ignorance as well as our desire to connect to G-d in order to have us open up to their false message. Or they might stress how liberal & open-minded Jews are of everything EXCEPT Jews who believe in Jesus. This must prove they have something to hide, that Jesus really must be who the Christians say he is. Since I was just as ignorant of Christianity, too, I was led to delve deeper into one of the darkest holes one can possibly enter.....

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

Click on "The Beginning".