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"From being a nightclub DJ, intermarrying & becoming a Jew for Jesus, to discovering the truth of Torah, becoming Shomer Shabbos and mitzvos and finally finding himself happily enjoying a life infused with Yiddishkeit and yet still able to keep people dancing with his music, Jeff Neckonoff will dazzle you with his very riveting & intriguing story.         

Jeff's charismatic personality will make you laugh, cry and definitely raise a few eyebrows as he describes his very strange journey that Hashem had him undertake before he made teshuvah."


"Jeff Neckonoff is a true "Renaissance Man." In the spirit of the Biblical Jethro, he checked out religious landscape of the "other teams," and with a deep soul-searching quest for truth, has discovered his Torah-true roots, and positively influenced "Bnai Beiso," members of his household, to follow in his footsteps. Jeff brings a unique perspective and energy that will fascinate and inspire those who in the immortal words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Z'L, "are already there, and those who are not yet there." In that spirit, the story of Jeff's journey, resonating with so many of his former co-coreligionists, thirsting to reconnect with their own roots                                                                                    

- Rabbi Aaron Parry, Author of “The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Talmud” and “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hebrew Scripture” 

From DJ (disc jockey) to DJ (divine journey), Jeff tells a fascinating tale of finding his way home... definitely worth hearing"
- Molly Resnick, Public Speaker and Director of M.A.T.C.K.H  

“Jeff Neckonoff is a great guy, with a great story, a great love for Torah and a great sense of humor. In the never ending pursuit of interesting and fresh voices Jeff is distinct, articulate and entertaining all wrapped up in one!”

- Rabbi Baruch Epstein, Congregation Bais Menachem of Illinois


“Jeff is extraordinarily understanding of his audience and speaks with deep passion and appreciation of his life's journey back home. – Identifies well with the work of a shliach.

- Rabbi Anchelle Perl, Beth Sholom, Mineola, NY

"Jeff's desire for growth in Judaism was borne out through his son, Daniel, a 5th grade student of mine at the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County. Daniel shared with the class on many occasions how proud he was of being Jewish. When Jeff and his family were in the process of moving from Merrick to the Five Towns, Daniel exclaimed, "Now it will be easier for me to walk the streets wearing a kippah and to practice Judaism."

- Rabbi Moshe Cheplowitz, Head of School at the Hebrew Academy of Palm Beach, FL

Jeff has an amazing story to tell that keeps his audience spellbound. His life story conveys the courage of one man to completely change his way of life, taking his entire family on a journey towards Torah-true Judaism. Jeff also has a great personality, and adds a lot of humor and enthusiasm to his talk. Your program will be greatly enhanced by his talk.    
- Rabbi Shimon Kramer, Center for Jewish Life, Merrick, NY

“Jeff’s life has been filled with lessons that need to be heard. His presentation is solid, and entertaining. His audience walks away with a greater appreciation of the gift of Torah, and the value of sacrificing for it.”

- Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, Director - Chabad Lubavitch of Long Island

"With his obvious love for Judaism, well prepared content and enthusiastic and entertaining style, Mr. Jeff Neckonoff has inspired our tenth grade students for two years running. Whether it be enlightening audiences regarding the real dangers of missionizing groups or explaining the tremendous importance of being extremely knowledgeable of our Torah heritage - we feel that Mr. Neckonoff has much to offer!"         - Mrs. Shterna Zirkind – Bais Rivkah High School, Brooklyn